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Our final game of the day saw Triopia taking on a very tough Macomb squad.  Macomb is a team who always keeps their feet moving and really does a nice job of playing a very aggressive style of ball.  Unfortunately, Triopia is a team that prefers to slow the game down and control the pace and Macomb was not going to let that happen tonight.  The Lady Bombers led the entire way tonight as they got excellent guard play out of Erin Meline and Yani Saddler.  Triopia did play with solid effort the entire way tonight but they just could not stop this very tough Macomb squad as Macomb wins 49-29.  Erin Washington and Katie Clayton had 7 points for the Lady Trojans while Erin Meline and Lexa Mahr each had 10 for the Lady Bombers.  Macomb advances on to get the rematch they have wanted against a very tough Unity squad.


Our 5th game of the day saw Liberty-Payson taking on a tough Routt squad.  Both teams got out to a very slow with Liberty holding a 8-6 lead after one quarter.  Then in the 2nd quarter, Routt when on a run that allowed them to pull ahead and never look back.  The Lady Rockets really played solid defense in the second half which allowed them to continue to push forward to the 45-30 victory.  Neither team really played their best ball during this contest but it is just hard for some teams to get that performance coming directly out of a break and a holiday weekend.  But Routt was finally able to find that motivation in the second half and really this team looked like a team that could compete for the title.  Kristen Loos led the Lady Eagles with 10 points while Joanna Gross led the Lady Rockets 12.  Routt now advances on to take on a very tough Illini West team in the Quarterfinals.  Also, congratulation to Routt Head Coach Joe Eilering on picking up his 100th victory as head coach of the Lady Rockets.

Game #4 of the day would be the barn burner of the day with Canton and West Central squaring off.  Canton had a definite size advantage over West Central but what surprised everyone was the speed and aggression they played with.  The Little Giants were more than capable to run up and down the floor with great success.  West Central never really found their grove in this game until the 4th quarter when they finally made their run.  A couple of forced turnovers and defensive stops allowed the Lady Cougars to climb right back into this game and they would hold on for the 54-52 win.  Ashley Buchman led the Little Giants with 16 points while Andrea Lietz added 17 for the Lady Cougars.  West Central never got comfortable until late in this contest and when they did, they looked like a solid team.  They will have to play a lot better in their next game as they will take on Illini Bluffs.

Our 3rd game of the day would prove to be our most intense game of the day day as Pittsfield and West Hancock would meet up.  Pittsfield was in control for much of the game and really looked to be in control as they were up 49-39 after 3 quarters of play.  Then all of a sudden the Lady Titans came to life and climbed right back into this game and even took the lead a for a while.  But West Hancock could not find an answer for the powerful Shea O’Brien, as she would literally find any open hole on the floor and use it to push through a couple of more points.  As the two teams battled back and forth down the stretch, Pittsfield would hold on for the 61-58 victory.  Jacey Hartweg had 21 points for West Hancock while Shea O’Brien lead the Lady Saukees today with 29 points.  This Pittsfield team could make a solid run in this tournament and will really get a chance to prove themselves against a very tough Havana team in the quarterfinals.

The next game today saw the host Lady Tigers run into a very tough Farmington Lady Farmers team.  Farmington came in to this game with almost a chip on their shoulder with something to prove.  Well Farmington was down 7-0 and then 17-0 run of their own to take 17-7 after the 1st Quarter.  The Lady Farmers never looked back in this one as they would get some outstanding play out of the entire team in holding on for the 53-45 victory today.Hannah Jostes scored 13 points to lead the Lady Farmers while Jill Harris added 16 for the Lady Tigers.  Beardstown came out hot today and then could never dig themselves out of the hole that they dug by committing way too many turnovers.  Farmington has played a tough early season schedule and that definitely showed today as they are a very solid team that could make a nice run through this tournament.


Our first game of the day would really come out and set the tone for our day.  Brown County and Rushville-Industry would have a hard fought battle that would last all the way until the end.  The Lady Rockets were with out the services of Jenna Taber who was dealing with a small injury that kept her on the bench most of the game.  Unfortunately no one for the Lady Rockets was able to step up and take her place as Brown County would really put up a hard fight in the 3rd quarter that allowed them to pull ahead for good.  Brown County was able to overcome the loss of two post players, due to fouls, and held on for the 46-41 victory.  Brandy Wise would lead the Lady Rockets with 17 points while Peyton McKinnon added 14 points for the Lady Hornets.  Rushville-Industy falls in to the Play-in Consolation bracket while Brown County advances to take on Illini West.