Praireland Basketball: Brimfield vs. Beardstown

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Basketball, Broadcast Recap

Last night, Brimfield put their 9-0 record on the line against the fiesty 4-6 Beardstown squad.  Put these two teams side by side on the floor and you would not see much of a difference between them, but the speed of Brimfield proved to be just too much for this Beardstown squad as they would fall to Brimfield by a score of 61-48.  For those wondering what exactly makes this Brimfield so good, you have to look no farther than the 6-3 Junior, Nick Unes.  Unes had 21 points on the night and may be the quickest and most efficient basketball player I have seen this year.  For the Tigers last night, they were led in scoring by Drake Vermillion with 22 points on the night.  Deion Summers also added in 18 points on the night while also proving to be a great defensive boost for the Beardstown squad.


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