Posted: September 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

TCP/IP is something that is used everyday in networking because it is the basis for all networking.  If a person knows nothing else about IP addressing other than each device on a network must have them and each device’s address must be unique.  In working in the Dot Foods IT Department, I have dealt with a lot of different IP TCP/IP issues mainly with DHCP addressing and our DHCP servers.  Because we host our DHCP servers on the Domain Controllers, we have set up all of our offsite locations with a back up vlan on our IL DC’s so that they have a back up in case their one controller goes down.  This summer I had to work a case where our CA location was experiencing very spotty issues where a device could not connect to the network.  After doing some research, I found that the CA DC was not terminating DHCP leases correctly and devices in CA were pulling IP’s from the CA backup vlan in IL.  The problem is that the backup vlan is very small and doesn’t have enough room to support the entire location and thus no IP addresses were available for the devices to pull down.  After I went in and manually deleted the DHCP Lease’s on the CA DHCP server and then rebooted their DC they were able to get back on with no problems.

  1. Murphy says:

    OK 50/50

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